Jana Reitsakas

Jana graduated law faculty from Tartu University in Estonia, and the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. She attends several trainings in different fields of law every year. Some examples are litigation and arbitration in one of the best schools in England (London School of Economics and Political Science) and 3-month training in GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) held by Tallinn University in Estonia.

She has practiced in the area of private law for over twelve years and continues to provide a wide range of services. These include advice in relation to corporate law, business and finance transactions, real estate, employment, immigration issues and data protection.

Jana also has an extensive experience in civil litigation, including employment issues, company issues involving director/shareholder disputes along with claims involving suppliers, contractors and legislative/regulatory compliance issues.

Jana continues to appear and represent clients at the District and High Courts.

Jana has been teaching several courses in data protection concerning GDPR since March 2017 and is helping client’s to be GDPR compliant.

Jana is friendly, courteous and focuses on building long-lasting relationships with her clients.

She speaks three languages: Estonian, Russian and English.

email telefon +372 5164442

Ene Mõtte

Attorney-at-law Ene Mõtte has been law expert since 2000. She is a recognized court attorney with extensive experience in property distribution issues, focusing primarily on the areas of inheritance law and family law.

In addition to litigation within Estonia, Ene has also dealt with cross-border litigation. These disputes have involved, among other things, child abduction cases, disputes over the child’s place of residence, as well as issues of property division. 

Ene has represented clients in administrative law, commercial law and property issues, including disputes between co-owners and the termination of co-ownership and disputes concerning compensation for contractual and non-contractual damages. Ene is experienced negotiator and compromise maker. For the past years Ene has also been active in criminal law.

Before founding the law firm REMO, Ene Mõtte has worked in the law firms Bright Law, Laus & Partners, MAQS Law Firm and A Dato Partners in the Law Office.

She speaks three languages: Estonian, Russian and English.

email telefon +372 5029639

Hannes Olli

Hannes started his lawyer career in 2002 at the law firm Rodi, which mainly concentrated on administrative and civil disputes and contract law. That was the beginning of his career as a litigation lawyer. Today Hannes is representing clients in courts on daily bases. 

The main areas of Hannes’ expertise are disputes in contract, property, construction, family and inheritance law. Constantly dealing with litigation has provided a lot of experience and extensive professional knowledge.

Hannes is also providing legal services in contract, criminal, family and inheritance law.

Before starting work at the law firm REMO’s Hannes worked at Rodi,  MAQS and Laus & Partnerid law firms.

Hannes speaks in Estonian and English language.

email telefon +372 5022107

Anu Toomemägi-Kivistik

Anu has obtained a master’s degree in law from the University of Tartu and a master’s degree in social sciences (political science) from Tallinn University.

Anu has experience in litigation since 2004. Sh ehas worked for 18 years in the Estonian Tax and Customs Office as general counsel. Also she has worked as a lecturer in fields of HR and law for many years.

She is member of the Bar since September 2017.

Anu has extensive knowledge and practical experience in various legal fields, from tax law to criminal law. Anu has focused more on criminal law and misdemeanor proceedings, as well as representing victims in criminal proceedings.

Anu provides legal assistance in Estonian and Russian language.

email telefon +372 58874455

Urmas Veinberg

Urmas as the attorney-at-law has advised Estonian and foreign legal and natural persons in the field of private law for more than 20 years. Urmas has provided legal assistance in various areas of private law, such as business, contract, labor, property and construction law, as well as misdemeanor cases. For five years, Urmas advised a credit provider that operated in more than ten foreign countries.

Urmas has been representing clients in court since 2000, thus having long-term experience in litigation.

Before joining Law Firm REMO’s, Urmas worked as a partner at Legest Law Firm, MAQS Law Firm and A Dato Partners Law Firm.

Urmas has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2005.

He speaks three languages: Estonian, English and Finnish.

email telefon +372 5092264

Mirjam Haldre

Mirjam has a Bachelor´s degree in the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu and she is currently pursuing the Master’s degree in the Faculty of law of the University of Tartu. She is a thorough, analytical and talented young lawyer.

Before joining REMO’s, Mirjam practised law in the Districts Prosecutor`s Office, in law firm and with the Financial Intelligence Unit. During her studies Mirjam has contributed to the Estonian Law Students’ Association. 

Mirjam speaks Estonian and English.

email telefon +372 58666511