Law Firm REMO’s is established by attorneys-at-law Jana Reitsakas and Ene Mõtte who have combined over thirty five years of experience in private law.

It is a boutique law firm specialised in all matters relating to all different fields of law. Although REMO’s is small it has strong connections with e.g. other law firms, notaries, tax specialist whose knowledge and experience are used if needed.

We are dedicated to providing highly professional and successful services by gaining an accurate understanding of a client’s individual or business case. We try to gain in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business because it is crucial to provide client the best solution for his situation.

Our long-term, in-depth approach in client relationships frequently saves money and stress. We are aware of their business context and circumstances, and advice accordingly. As trusted advisors, we support clients to manage risk and obtain effective resolution of issues.

We deliver legal services with pragmatism, in easy-to-understand language and have client-for-life philosophy.

Our quality of services have encouraged our clients to come back after time.

We have well-established relationships with different European law firms in almost every jurisdiction.  Whenever clients have an issue in an overseas jurisdiction, we introduce them to the right people.

We provide legal service in 4 languages: Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian. 

If you have any query or require further information about any matter, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice or assistance.