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Benefit of doing business in Estonia – e-resident

Estonia is known among others for many reasons. Some know it as former Soviet Union country and many know it for the birthplace of companies like Skype and TransferWise.

In 1997 the Estonian administration had a grand idea to put entire government service portfolio online. A lot has been done within ten years. Many services can be done online. 

Some examples are that medical prescriptions and tests are online. Residents file income tax reports and businesses file tax reports and annual accounts online. Most of the business documents are signed digitally. Citizens even vote online.  Practically all registries are online (commercial, land registry for example). 

At the beginning, managing business online and signing documents were privilege to Estonian citizens and those who lived in Estonia based on residence permit. However, now it is privilege for everyone.

Estonia has developed e-resident concept. Don’t let the name fool you. It is not residency in its traditional sense. Being e-resident does not make you an Estonian tax resident, nor gives you the right to enter Estonia or the European Union.

It provides a person the ability to experience benefits of establishing and managing a business without even coming to Estonia and doing everything online. You can file for an e-resident registration from your own country and receive necessary documents also to the the country chosen by you. 

We encourage you to learn more about e-resident and how easy it is to apply for on its official homepage.

If you have any questions concerning the e-resident registration or establishing and doing business in Estonia feel free to contact us.

Jana Reitsakas

Manager for Law Firm REMO’s